Crostic Level 37 Answers

Crostic is not your average crossword puzzle app; it’s a captivating universe of dazzling and challenging logic puzzles, hidden proverbs, fascinating quotes, and more. With each crossword you solve, you’ll find yourself delving into a world of secret words to decode and witty historical facts to uncover. The game is not just about deciphering text; it’s an immersive experience, adorned with cute graphics and special effects that will keep you on your toes.

What sets Crostic apart from traditional crossword puzzles is its awesome features:

  • Engaging crossword games that seamlessly integrate word search for an extra layer of excitement.
  • Hidden proverbs, fascinating quotes, and witty historical facts provide a delightful challenge for your brain.
  • A plethora of challenging and dazzling word puzzles catering to all difficulty levels, from easy to3 complex.
  • Mind-captivating logic word puzzles and text brain teasers that will keep you coming back for more.
  • An intuitively designed game interface that ensures a user-friendly experience.
  • Unlock 4 new daily goals with every gameplay, earning points that propel you up the leaderboard.

Fuel your brain with power, train your logic, and boost your dopamine levels with these addictive word search games. Spread the word and invite your friends on this thrilling journey of decoding, solving, and conquering Crostic’s all-level answers. It’s time to rock these nifty crosswords like a pro!

Crostic Level 37 Answers

1. The United _ of America


2. Just gone or elapsed


3. Parts of a whole


4. The mascot of the University of Tennessee


5. Soon after that


6. Abstain from


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