Word Maker – Word Connect level 1 to 100 answers

Word Maker is an exciting brain game that is the combo of Word connect, Crossword puzzle, word searches where you have to solve the levels you have to solve the words hidden in the crossword. Presently while solving version of the game is 1.0.9.

Level 1      – how, who
 Level 2      – ate, eat, tea
Level 3      – rat, tar, art
 Level 4      – ram, arm, mar
Level 5      – seat, east, tea, eat, set
 Level 6      – fair, fir, air, far
Level 7      – tend, end, ten, den, dent, net
 Level 8      – rap, par, ark, park
Level 9      – nut, not, ton, out, unto
 Level 10    – lady, day, lay, lad
Level 11    – beat, eat, ate, bat, tab, beta, bet, tea 
 Level 12    – nab, ban, barn, bra, bar, ran, bran 
Level 13    – then, tent, the, ten, net, tenth, hen
 Level 14    – saint, sit, ant, tins, tan, sin, its, stain, satin
Level 15    – lest, yes, yet, set, style, lets, sly
 Level 16    – mice, medic, dim, dice, dime, mid, iced
Level 17    – drag, darn, ran, rag, and, rang, grad, grand, nag
 Level 18    – tin, inn, hint, thin, ninth
Level 19    – rut, tube, bet, true, brute, tuber, but, rub, tub
 Level 20    – sure, rug, user, surge, urges, sue
Level 21    – pro, cop, chop, porch, hope, crop
 Level 22    – foe, for, core, force, core,  fore
Level 23    – rain, aid, and, drain, ran, raid, rid, rind, darn 
 Level 24    – like, lake, lie, leak, alike
Level 25    – drug, urge, red, rude, dug, rug, due, urged
 Level 26    – are, bear, bare, ear, bar, bra, car, care, crab, brace, race, era
Level 27    – swat, saw, rat, straw, wars, star, art, tar, was, sat
 Level 28    – army, ram, arm, marry, mar, may, ray
Level 29    – cab, cubs, cub, abs, cabs, scuba
 Level 30    – rose, ore, sore, lose, sole, roles
Level 31    – lone, clone, once, cone, one, con
 Level 32    – tin, ink, hit, kin, kit, thin, think, hint
Level 33    – pay, apply, app, pal, lap, play
 Level 34    – ape, spa, speak, ask, sea, sap, peak, peaks, peas
Level 35    – soil, lid, oil, old, idol, solid, sod, slid, silo, sold
 Level 36    – law, raw, crawl, claw, war, arc
Level 37    – pin, pan, piano, ion, nap, pain
 Level 38    – saw, mar, warm, arm, swam, ram, swarm, was
Level 39    – did, diced, dice, ice, iced
 Level 40    – lug, dug, led, due, glue, glued
Level 41    – save, vase, sad, ads, saved
 Level 42    – love, dove, loved, old, led, doe, ode, dole
Level 43    – sit, sigh, his, this, its, sight, hit
 Level 44    – cat, car, tract, tar, art, rat, cart
Level 45    – cod, could, loud, duo, cloud, doc, cold
 Level 46    – lab, ban, bland, bald, land, nab, bad, band
Level 47    – ale, eagle, gal, lag, age, gel, leg, glee
 Level 48    – heal, sea, ale, has, she, ash, seal, leash, sale
Level 49    – bed, bad, bead, bake, beak, baked
 Level 50    – baby, babe, bye, bay, aye, abbey
Level 51    – bail, basil, slab, lab, bias, sail, abs, ails
 Level 52    – nail, lie, alien, line, lane, lean
Level 53    – boa, nab, cab, can, ban, bacon
 Level 54    – wing, won, owing, own, now, win, ion, gown, gin, wig
Level 55    – hag, harp, rap, gap, graph
 Level 56    – kill, ski, ill, skill, silk
Level 57    – hay, ashy, say, has, ash, ask, shy, sky, yak, shaky
 Level 58    – leg, gel, god, dog, log, old, lode, ego, lodge, gold
Level 59    – air, rag, rig, cigar, arc
 Level 60    – step, upset, use, pest, pet, put, ups, setup
Level 61    – skeet, see, tee, eek, seek
 Level 62    – soul, lot, lost, lotus, slot, out, lust
Level 63    – bam, beam, male, lame, able, ale, elm, lamb, blame, balm, meal                              
 Level 64    – epic, pic, spice, sip, ices, pie
Level 65    – cap, peace, pea, ape, ace, cape, pace
 Level 66    – doe, move, moved, dove, demo, mode, dome
Level 67    – tie, wet, wit, twice, ice
 Level 68    – sure, spur, user, super, per, rep, sue, ups, rue, pure, purse
Level 69    – now, shown, show, who, how, won, own, snow
 Level 70    – tub, duo, bod, bout, doubt, out, dot, dub, bud, but
Level 71    – eyed, yen, dye, need, den, deny, needy, end
 Level 72    – tale, lax, ate, tax, axe, axle, eat, let, late, tea, latex, exalt
Level 73    – chi, phi, pic, chip, hip, pitch, itch, pit, tip, hit, 
 Level 74    – deer, defer, red, def, fee, reef, free, freed, feed, reed
Level 75    – son, one, nose, once, cones, cons
 Level 76    – the, her, tree, three, there, thee, here
Level 77    – yep, wee, weepy, yew, ewe, eye, weep, pew
 Level 78    – male, made, lame, elm, lad, dam, mad, deal, meal, me, mead, dame, meld, medal, lead
Level 79    – long, lag, nag, along, loan, anglo, gal, ago, goal
 Level 80    – real, ear, rye, relay, era, rely, year, earl, ray, early, layer
Level 81    – oar, ram, arm, roam, army, may, ray, yam, mayor
 Level 82    – dare, are, ear, raze, read, era, razed, dear
Level 83    – son, sun, bun, bonus, nub, bus, sub, snub
 Level 84    – sack, shack, ash, hack, cash, has
Level 85    – euro, ego, ore, ogre, rouge, rogue, our, urge
 Level 86    – con, core, one, once, crone, cone, nor, corn
Level 87    – spar, spa, ark, ask, sap, spark, park, par, raps
 Level 88    – seal, scale, case, ale, aces, sea, lace, sale
Level 89    – barn, bad, ban, band nab, bar, and, brand, barn, bard, bran
 Level 90    – oak, wake, awe, woke, owe, awoke, weak
Level 91    – toy, rot, fry, for, try, fort, forty
 Level 92    – sit, sim, its, most, moist, omit, mist
Level 93    – flu, fun, lung, lug, gun, flung, gulf
 Level 94    – yet, yen, ten, net, rye, rent, entry
Level 95    – risk, brisk, rib, ski, sir, irks
 Level 96    – seen, ewe, weep, seep, sew, sweep, wee, pews
Level 97    – nag, lag, sang, gal, gas, slang, snag
 Level 98    – hey, head, hay, dye, day, aye, had, heady, yeah
Level 99    – road, air, aid, radio, raid, rad, rod, arid
 Level 100  – set, tore, toe, sort, sore, rot, rest, store, ores, rose

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